Sunday 5 April 2020

Travelling NZ - Part 4

A big breakfast to start the day.
Leaving our golden bay cottage - we had to take a picture of this derelict house and crazy tree!
Are they clouds?
Hope Saddle Lookout - and what a lookout it was.

Stopped off for a coffee and a wonder in Murchison...Jack and Andy love the pink.
The Dust and Rust shop Andy couldn't get enough of.
Buller Gorge and it's famous swing bridge or suspension bridge...not quite sure which! It was bloody long, high and wobbly but most of all AMAZING!
We made it!!
Buller Gorge is basically an area with small scenic walks and trails through the bush with lots of information and history of the area. If i remember correctly, Buller Gorge was home to workers during the gold-mining times - lots of people lived here but I don't think they ever found any gold.
Little bird. You can't quite see here but their eyes a really weird and look almost stuck on!
A well of some sort.
Our lunchtime view.
I love this picture!
We did a long detour back to the bridge to see this crazy fast flowing part of the gorge.
Someones home...not scary at all.
Heading back...need to find our place for the night!
Stumbled across a sign for Lyell Cemetery so thought we'd take a quick look.
Worth it! Creepy cemetery on the side of a steep hill.
I mean, you wouldn't wanna fall down there. The picture doesn't quite show how dodgy it is!
We made it to our stop off for the night. Berlin's Cafe & Bar (hostel). This place was awesome! No heating at all, like most places, but electric blankets on the beds!! And a big open fire in the cafe/bar area.
I made a mean chilli for dinner.
While Andy work and Jack drank beer...I also drank beer obviously.
Andy chose his own double room. Me and Jack went for this dorm room. There was another bed but luckily no one else came to stay with us so it was ours for the night :)
We spent the evening drinking beer and playing cards by the fire.
This is a picture of the cafe/bar the in the morning.
Off we go again...after deicing the car!
Train! Don't see many of those in New Zealand.
The owner of the cafe/bar told us to take a detour on our way to Pancake Rocks. Tauranga Bay.
These things were everywhere!! And didn't care about us being near them. A couple from Europe walked past us so excited saying they'd seen a Kiwi. We were amazed and went with them to take a was one of these birds - definitely not a Kiwi which we told them but they didn't believe us. Firstly their nocturnal, secondly their about double the size, thirdly their beaks are mega long!
SEAL COLONY! Can you see them?
Babyyyyy one!
After a scenic coast drive, we made it to Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki.
They are called Pancake Rocks because of their layering. Completely natural and people are still unsure as to how it happens.
Jack loving life.
Me, Jack and Andy.
This was cool. Look at this picture then the next picture.
This place also has some pretty cool blowholes! Hard to get a good picture.
It was a very big place. Look at all the pancakes!
On route to Greymouth we stopped at another beach.
Mussel with crazy hair!
Lunch in Greymouth.
Snowy mountains!
We popped into our hostel for the evening to drop our bags. Here it is.
Brunner Mine, only 10 minutes or so from Greymouth. This mine had the greatest coal production in New Zealand. Coke and bricks were also produced here. Many people lived here but the standards of living weren't great. A gas explosion in the mine in 1896 was New Zealand's greatest work place disaster.
It was fairly spooky...we were the only ones there.
Back in Greymouth for the sunset. That's Andy and Jack.
Back to the hostel after our evening food shop. Mine and Jacks room.
Not a bad view.
One of the main reasons that Greymouth was on the list is because of the Monteiths Brewery. So away we went for the evening.
We got the brewery tour with tastings!
We got to pull our own...half. Pints don't really exist here :( unless you go to a pub pub.
The bar.
Back to the hostel to drunkenly make pan fried salmon, potatoes and beans.
We got talking to an older couple from New Zealand who decided to travel their country. Jack didn't like them haha.
We played battleships while Andy worked.
The end.

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Travelling NZ - Part 4

A big breakfast to start the day. Leaving our golden bay cottage - we had to take a picture of this derelict house and crazy tree! ...