Friday 8 June 2018

New Zealand - Kerikeri Part 3

There's no obvious reason why I'm splitting Kerikeri into sections apart from trying to break them up to make them easier to read. Not sure if it's helping but il crack on.

Puff pastry pizzaaaaa.

This is hot cross bun bread and butter pudding given to us from the restaurant...I put Nutella and cream on it.

Working in the winery when an infamous New Zealand downpour hit.

I painted the bus. Before...

After, I love matte black. This was pond liner paint haha great for waterproofing.

Jacks next trip to Russell. Marina is a gazzilionare and has an awesome house.

With a view...

Back to Montys Vineyard. It was his birthday so he did a spread. Yummy! I made a friend.

Back with the grapes ready to press.

And...back at Chris and Judys with the chooks.

Forgot to mention...they have a hot tub - which they call a spa over here. We made a beveraaaaage and got in.

I made easy sausage pasta. I was meant to make filled pasta but I was drunk...from ONE glass of chris' homemade rum.


View from bed in the morning.

Eggs! I didn't quite realise how many eggs we'd been eating until doing this Blog.

So, John and Aynsley from the beginning wanted to do a wine tasting and meal with us but hadn't got round to it as it had been so busy. BUT IT HAPPENED. They got Marie and her Kiwi boyfriend Carl over and we tasted allll the wines...15 the cellar door at the restaurant.

No more pictures from this night but we ate like kings and drank like all mighty kings. Stayed up with John till 4am! That was a painful head.

We had a chilled day.

With a rice stir fried beef thingy. Was yum.

I learnt how to drive a tractor...backwards. Ages ago me and jack had pulled all the nets off of the vines and they needed picking up. So I reversed down the vines while Jack and John stuffed them into bags! Fun stuff.

Their cat is insane.

Fresh tomato and basil pasta.

Just down the road from the vineyard is this place. It has massive kauri trees!

Look how big!

I had to work at the restaurant in the evening so we did a bit of a shop tour in Kerikeri. We'd driven past all these places loads and wanted to go in but hadn't quite managed it. So we did them all in a couple hours.

First up...the fudgey country corner! We free fudge tasted and bought some obviously.

Next up, the Maranda chocolate shop. Free tasters here too...bloody beautiful but way too pricey for us.

Next, the honey shop. We didn't know this but New Zealand is MASSIVE on honey and it's seriously amazing. Even the cheap supermarket honey is local and great quality. Manuka honey here is cheap!

Look at all this honey! We tasted all of them and went with Pohatukaua. So gooooood!

Creamy mushroom chicken pasta for lunch. With me working the evening shift and jack band practicing, a big meal for lunch it is.

We bought a honey candle from the honey shop too.

Our next job from John was to rake up the grass into piles. This is just one very small section!

I also painted their kids bedroom floors.
Full roast dinner left over from restaurant...Yorkshire pudding included!

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