Monday 18 June 2018

New Zealand - Kerikeri Part 4 (...pre Richardson number 2)

Like we've said in previous posts, our toilet is outside. It was a pitch black night and I saw two eyeballs in a tree. Managed to get this picture...POSSUM! These things are thought of as pests, like mice and rats.

ANZAC day. Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. We thought we'd join John and his son at 5am for ANZAC day remembrance.

Then we went back to bed for a bit, then painted the restaurant kitchen you do. This was a lot harder than it looks. We were given a spray gun to paint with and it (as expected) splattered white paint all over the kitchen. So jack did that while I painted with a hand took like 3 hours for 1 coat!

Obviously we thought what better way to spend the day than spend all the money we earnt on beer. So we went to Paihia and did just that.

After this place (not pictured) we went to a different pub and bumped into an english couple who were living in a van and working in Paihia. He had a hat.

Then we made vegetable and halloumi wraps at 10pm for dinner.


Jack did his thing of ohhhh I want something...pleeeeease make I made porridge ON THE HOB which everyone knows is very hard to clean.

Next day, gardening.

John provided another bottle of the stonking grape pickers red.

It literally looks like all we do is eat! This is the next day and I was working in the restaurant until 11pm so jack cooked some breaded fish then we made tomato, sour cream, cheese and fish pittas for dinner...mmm.

So this is the restaurant/cellar door...not sure I've put a picture up yet!

The inside part.

This is Johns winery painted by a local artist. This is the art on the front of the grape pickers red bottle.

The outside area. Pretty rubbish picture. But the whole restaurant is just surrounded by vines so really lovely spot.

HAMISH! The other main waiter :D he knows pretty much everything at the pub quiz!

Another trip to Chris and Judy's house. This time I tried to stay sober to make pasta...and I managed it wooo.

We were given a leftover steak fillet from the restaurant so I minced this up and mixed it with some cooked onions and garlic, spring onions and seasoning. Made these babies.

With fresh tomato sauce.


Remember we raked all that grass. Now we needed to hand pick it up and put it into one big pile. I love driving a tractor.

We raked this baby.


It was one of the chefs birthdays so we had a get together at Fabs and I made a very British desert...Victoria sponge.

Ahhhh grandma! I sent her a postcard and she sent me a letter back!!

I made simple bread...before...


These piles just get bigger and bigger.

Then jack buggered off to look at Johns bum.

And cut some bamboo.

I gardened.

Look at that whopper.

Oh and I  made cookies. On a roll!

This is our kind of living room. Set the iPad up (propped up by beer) with our €10 charity shop speakers and try get compfortable...sat straight upright with our backs on the bus windows.

MORE. Just want you to see how big these piles get. Literally picking up our raked piles and dumping them onto another pile which groooooows and grows.

Jack wasn't having it so made an invention. This is before he cut holes in the board and attached a hose it so it could be pulled.

And dropped off.

The king.

Afternoon trip to Matauri Bay.



The sand looked so cool I had to take pictures. And jack went body the background.

Woooo he caught one!

Plane over Ake Ake.

Tonight we got invited by French Marie and Carl to go for wine tasting and fooooood. This is the cat that roams around their place.

Think we paid €15 (£8) each to taste 8 wines! Not bad!


Came with free cheesy nibbles.

Then we went through cafe Jerusalem for middle eastern fooooood it was yum. Look at this hummus.

My fruit sticker collection. It's not enough!

This is the restaurant kitchen.

This is my coffee when I'm working.

These are the glasses I clean and polish.

This is the cellar door with a table in it.

And the illustrated wine process.

Spring onions, tomatoes, cheese and fish pita.

Now this is a good night...jacks first gig. Off we go on the ferry to Russell.

Look at these blue flowers. So cool. They seem to be all over the Northland.

And this is the venue. The Russell boating club.

The deal is that this is an open mic night. There's a blackboard with times on and you put your bands name down and play!

Your first taster. Now, I have to say it's good...erm...see what you think! :)

This bloke also played..and danced like a bloody superstar he sweated everywhere it was amazing to watch.

Mothers day next week and jacks band are playing for 3 hours!

Tambo were meant to play 3 songs...they played about 15!

Then jack was asked to play the cajon for another bloke who played the didgeridoo.

While I did something in the vineyard, jack did this. He will explain what it is.

It was a stiry with a chain thing then add more wine to replace what the fairies drank.

John and Aynsleys pool.

Moving a vat.

Fried rice with pak choy and egg.

Aynsley gave us some weird New Zealand fruit. This is a persimmon.

Not a fan.

Then Marina gave jack another weird fruit called the ice cream bean or guama.

Which has this fluff in it that you eat and it tastes like ice cream...the beans inside the fluff taste funky but the fluff is good. At least, I liked it.

And a kiwi yay!

New job. Splitting SO MUCH wood with a cool!

This is the drummer in Tambo. He likes motorbikes and leggings.

Made another bacon and egg tarty tart.

Then went over to the restaurant for beer.

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